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Windows Sleep Settings Dont Work

If you experience an issue with your Windows device going to sleep after 1/2 minutes even though you have changed the sleep settings to a longer timeout use the following steps to enable the “hiddensystem unattended sleep timeout settings.

I have had issues with Windows going to sleep irrespective of what time limits are set in the Windows settings. These “hidden” timeout settings have often been the cause.

  • Open the Registry Editor by clicking the Windows key + R key on your keyboard
  • Type in regedit and press ok
  • Once the Registry Editor opens navigate too
  • Double Click on the Attribute key and change the value to 2
  • Click Ok
  • Open the Windows Power Options (press the Windows + R key on your keyboard and type in powercfg.cpl and click Ok). You can also open the power options from the control panel

  • Once the Power Options window opens find activated power plan(will be in bold) and click on Change Plan Settings
  • Once the plan opens click on Change Advanced Power Settings
  • The Advance Power Options will now open
  • Scroll down to Sleep and check the System Unattended Sleep Timeout settings. Change the time out setting to the desired time limit and click Ok.
Updated on November 19, 2022

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  1. this works very well – thanks for the procedure, you have removed one of life’s little annoyances!

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